Delivery sizes vary from 1 m3 up to 25 m3, and everything in between! We are able to supply:

G5 and G7 - filling sand. River Sand - used for concrete mixes and bedding material for paving. Washed River Sand - for High-Spec concrete products. Building Sand - ideal for mortar mixes. Plaster Sand - for all your plastering needs (both interior and exterior). Top Soil - perfect for general gardening (e.g. garden beds and lawn dressing).

We are also able to supply a wide range of course aggregates. The most common sizes are 13,2 mm and 19 mm, but other sizes are available on special order:

Recycled Stone - for low cost concrete. Silica Pebbles - ideal for a decorative gardening application. Silica Chips - used in general concrete work. Granite Stone - specifically used in High-Spec concrete.